Thursday, January 3, 2013

BEAUTY: Sculpture--Sam Jinks

These incredibly life-like pieces made of silicone, paint, and human hair are by Sam Jinks, who started as a model maker for television and film. His work is akin to other artists who work with a realistic figurative vocabulary like the phenomenal Ron Mueck (Jinks and Mueck are actually good friends!), Patricia Piccinini, and Duane Hanson.

I am showing some of Jinks' work censored. I want to state that while I clearly have no problem with such works of art, I do not want a stray complaint to either force me to put an "Adult Content" warning before my blog, or have "Oh, By The Way" shut down. So please forgive the sanitized, "spray painted" bits. And go to Jinks' site to see the beautiful, uncensored versions.

Above: Two views of Calcium Divide (Self Portrait)

Above: Two views of Doghead

Above: Two views of Unsettled Dogs

Above: Woman and Child

Here is the artist at work on a piece, painstakingly applying each hair, one at a time.

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