Thursday, January 17, 2013

BEAUTY: Clothing--Rick Owens

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm glad there is a Rick Owens in the world. I love his wild, extreme brand of minimalism which blends sci-fi and ecclesiastical garments together in a strange alternative-world version of men's wear. For many, many seasons, I have noted that Owens might possibly have seen David Lynch's highly stylized 1984 film version of Frank Herbert's DUNE and that he might possibly be working out the costume ideas from that film, here here and here.

Not so much for his Fall-Winter '13-'14 collection at Paris Fashion Week. There are still a few little DUNE flourishes here are there (the tightly wrapped shoulders and white wind-blown pointy collar in the first row of photos), but for the most part, this bundled up collection was surprisingly organic. Shearling is usually the lining of a hunting jacket but Owens transformed it into a belted kimono-style coat. And on display is his usual unusual tailoring details (last trio of photos).

Only the fingers of his gloves were ridged with fur, giving hands a claw-like appearance. And the lug sole fur boots are great too. I am not a fur wearer on principle, and I don't know if Owens has used real fur in this collection. I am posting them because I certainly love the look of them, but I discourage real fur. I do however wear leather and hair-on-hide... I know, some will say that makes me a hypocrite. But as I age, I see more and more that life is about levels and not absolutes... one must pick and choose what one wants and doesn't want. Blanket beliefs are for those without life experience.
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