Monday, January 21, 2013

BEAUTY: Clothing--Berluti

The venerable leather good manufacturer Berluti (established in 1895 by Alessandro Berluti) showed a really sexy '13-'14 F-W collection for Paris Fashion Week via a lookbook. Here is another collection that does not follow my typical pattern for what I find interesting in a designer or collection. As regular readers are well aware, I gravitate toward an artistic statement, a theme, a designer who is willing to take risks, designers who present performance art creations and costumes rather than just clothes. But it seems that this season, I have been drawn to some collections that, although they do not have this overriding sense of art, are attractive nonetheless.

And this Berluti collection is a great example. Despite being a basic collection of men's wear, both formal and casual, there is something so darkly compelling and, well, just plain sexy about this collection. Like, growly, animalistic sexy... and I am sure it has something to do with the chosen models, which can be very important to how a collection is perceived. I really admire Berluti's choice of men... there is an occasional "pretty" model, but for the most part, these are guys... guys with some maturity in their faces, with a bit of roughness. Click on the panels below to see the hotness a little closer. Grrrrr...

But I digress. Back to the clothing: there is some wonderful pattern mixing, some luxurious suits, and the cut of most every piece (especially those belted coats and jackets) imbues the wearer with a masculine, sensual swagger. Not "power dressing" as in "power over others" but the power of sex and life...
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