Saturday, January 19, 2013

BEAUTY: Clothing--Comme des Garçons

I have always thought it would be fascinating to peek into the head of Rei Kawakubo, head of Comme des Garçons. Her collections consist of entire leaps of thought, strange non-sequiturs, and mash-ups of the unlikeliest kind. It must be like Mister Toad's Wild Ride in her brain, with ideas careening and bouncing off each other like pinballs. Some collide and create the head-scratching, jaw-dropping dense artistic statements for which Comme des Garçons is known.

So get ready for this one... a '13-'14 Fall-Winter collection that is a kaleidoscope of pastel colors from a childhood Easter basket (one tee even bears the design of a be-ribboned and decorated egg!), and features light spring pieces (Fall-Winter on Tenerife?). Models in shoulder-length wigs wore caps featuring huge bunny ears, and, as an homage to childhood in general, the ears of a certain famous cartoon mouse who shall remain nameless of course, lest a certain behemoth company get "cease and desist"-happy. But what I really noticed upon closer inspection was that Kawakubo seems to be using upholstery and interior furnishing materials! Yep, there are jackets made from drapery brocade and, oh wait, look, they still have the passamenterie tassels on the edge! I immediately recalled the classic Carol Burnett skit in which she spoofed "Gone With The Wind"--her Scarlett character had nothing to wear and literally took the drapes down to fashion into a gown, with the curtain rod still attached, across her shoulders! And then, gazing at the next many looks, I had to laugh... chenille bedspreads popular in the 50s and 60s were transformed into coats and jackets! It all feels like a kid's fever dream of candy and cartoons and the bed in their room where they lounge, listening to records or coloring...
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