Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BEAUTY: Clothing--Etro

Now, this could be--next to the Thom Browne/Moncler Gamme Bleu show, here--the highlight of Milano Moda Uomo. Kean Etro,the men's wear designer for the Etro family business since 1990, may have outdone himself with this supremely beautiful collection. Referencing both Celtic and Mongolian cultures (Celtic knots cozy up to Mongolian coats and mandalas), the velvets, jacquards, brocades, and hammered copper jewelry speak to other centuries and exotic locales. The colors and materials are sumptuous and I want to own every single piece in this collection, especially the boots at the end of the show.

From the Etro website:
"The Etro Man becomes barbarous and furious, returning to his basic instincts and failsafe traditions of past, with an awareness that this is a season of transition and recognition of the greatness of history. Mythological and legendary evocations become weightless and fluid as the boundaries between reality and fables are blurred. Bold combinations fuse together: each individual element is tamed, softened, chewed, cooked, rounded off and yet ever treated in new and contradictory ways. In the end, everything comes down to the core synthesis, sedimentation and synchronicity that both dandies and princes have in common with the Sherpa: pulling off sophistication with ease, creating a spark of unique quirkiness in amongst universal stylistic harmony."

Here, take a gander at the richness, the gorgeous "barbarous" models, and the flash of emerald green on the soles of the shoes! It's all so wildly plush and beautiful, I could just cry...
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