Saturday, January 19, 2013

BEAUTY: Clothing--Ann Demeulemeester

I adore Ann Demeulemeester's sense of design. She incorporates such a Romantic, lyrical, poetical, dreamy, breezy--dare I say sometimes swash-buckling--aura into her collections. And despite the fact that her '13-'14 Fall-Winter collection shown at Paris Fashion Week is mostly black and white, it feels rich and sumptuous nonetheless. Once again we get little flashes of Edwardian England, or Dandyism a bit further back in time. But here, she seems to have taken her major inspiration from the everyday vestments of a charming country priest or minister, the kind who doesn't scream that you are going to hell or molest your children, but instead rides a rickety bicycle around the village delivering a meal to a sick parishioner or bread to a needy family. "It had to do with making something really serene and spiritual, but also powerful," said Demeulemeester, who presented her collection in a heavenly bright white venue.

I love the flowing coat tails as well as the flowing shirt tails! Hats with net veils and skirts give this collection a fashion-forward, "Demeulemeester" touch. Just look at the progression of the silhouette and the beautiful variation on a theme as the collection evolves down the runway...
It's a gorgeous, masterful collection.
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