Friday, October 26, 2012

DREAM 10.25.12: Rising Ocean

On vacation on a tropical island, I relax on the beach but the tide is much higher than it should be. Later, I get a cold drink at a palm frond-roofed snack shack on the sand, but now the water is lapping at the hut. It rises more, the snack shack comes unmoored, and is carried away on rough water. I jump out of the hut to try to get back to shore but it is suddenly night and I am disoriented. I try to swim toward some lights since I assume that is land but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. After a period of darkness, I am finally back on shore. The next day, the woman who owns the snack shack walks around town telling everyone that her place of business is gone, washed out with the tide. Everyone walks by me, acting as if I am not there. Did I drown? Am I dead?

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