Friday, October 12, 2012

BEAUTY: Kirigami--Marc Hagan-Guirey

Kirigami is the Japanese art of folding and cutting paper. Three dimensional designs are possible with only a single piece of paper and strategically placed cuts. Just in time for Halloween, Marc Hagan-Guirey shares his love of horror films in these exquisite kirigmai creations he calls "horrorgami." He is in the process of making thirteen "horrorgami" creations that will include buildings from "Rosemary's Baby" (which, presumably, will be The Dakota), "Psycho" (the Bates Motel), and one of my favorite films "Don't Look Now" (I can't wait to see that one).

Hagan-Guirey is having a show of all his "horrorgami" creations, shown in various colored light boxes, at Gallery One and Half in London from November 1st to the 14th, 2012.

Top to bottom: The Addams Family; The Amityville Horror; The Exorcist; The Shining; The Shining detail showing Jack with an axe (leaving footprints in the snow) and the hedge maze

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