Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It must be March...

...because here in northern California, the wild daffodils are blooming, right on time. They grow in clumps, dotting the hills all around. And they look so beautiful against the green of the emerald grass. Soon enough, the hills will dry and turn golden for the summer.

I love daffodils. The classic yellow kind. They remind me of my grandmother, The Good Grandma of the North, as I referred to her (and yes, I actually did have a Wicked Grandma of the South, too... for real, believe me). The Good Grandma of the North believed in decorating for the holidays--I credit her with my love for interior design--and for spring and Easter, she would set out huge panoramic sugar Easter eggs, the kind with a little idyllic scene inside, and lots of daffodils...

Foxes love them too.

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