Friday, March 22, 2013

BEAUTY: Art--Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen has broken with traditional portrait and figurative painting. Instead, he is trying to capture the essence or impression of a person. His work is a fine line between Abstraction and Expressionism and just enough of a form to suggest a figure.

Top to bottom: Study of Two Figures and an Interior; Study of Six Figures and an Interior; Study of a Figure and a Boat; Study of an Interior/Exterior with Beak

Watch this three minute interview with Cohen in his studio in London. He speaks quite eloquently about work that is difficult to define.

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  1. Dear Emily,

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your interest in my previous paintings and for sharing them on your blog. It really is much appreciated.

    However, I am getting in touch as I have been experiencing significant problems recently due to copyright infringement. There are particular private collectors and institutions (who cannot be named due to legal reasons) who have bought my paintings over the past 10 years and are requesting that images of these paintings are to be removed from websites and blogs. This is because, as they are now the owners of these works, they want to control the ways in which they are accessible online, in order to preserve the market value of these paintings.

    Due to this, I’m afraid I am getting in touch to ask you to remove the images of my paintings off the following link:

    I fully respect that you have shared these artworks with the best of intentions. However, because the collectors and institutions have a basis for charging for the licence, which you do not have, they have begun calculating the licence fee for the use of these copyright protected artworks. This has pushed me to contact you (among other sites) and request that you remove the images in question as soon as is feasibly possible.

    Let me take this opportunity to let you know that I am in the process of getting my new work out there and so please do check out my website.

    Again, thank you for your interest, support and understanding in this matter, and for your time and energies.

    All the best,

    Benjamin Cohen