Monday, April 22, 2013


In honor of National Poetry Month, here is "Blind."

by JEF

If I make this light,
clear the box while it’s green,
it will be a good day.

If I win this hand of solitaire,
my blood test will be negative.

I’ll live to be 82
like a Ouija board told me
when I was a child.

If there’s a rainbow after this storm,
my dad will pull through, heal, live.

If we don’t belong in the future,
the revelation will come not too late
but whenever it arrives.

We are all blind,
feeling our way,
groping for signs,
divining what we can.
We can’t see it all
coming at us.

This is what we do now.
We wait here
besieged by the future.
Let it come.

Let it come.

©JEF 2013

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