Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BEAUTY: Art--Andy Dixon

Cute Canadian Andy Dixon is somewhat of a cross-disciplinary artist, having started in music (he has made punk music, as well as experimental electronic music under the nom de musique Secret Mommy) but then he moved into the visual arts. He says he has used naïve outsider art techniques to create outsider content but now he wants to "join the Great Conversation," by which he means a tradition of creating art in the context of art history. The following pieces utilize his marvelous naïve style and riotous color palette to explore a more traditional form of classical portraiture.

Top to bottom: Fox Hunter 1; Matador; Portrait of a Lord 1; Portrait of a Lord 3; Portrait of a Schoolteacher; Woman On Horse

But his abstract work, often featuring text, is quite compelling as well. I love the Cy Twombly-esque scribbling mixed with unexpected words and phrases.

Top to bottom: Countless Things, One Of Them Burning; Everything That Has Ever Happened Up To And Including Today; 17 Things Burning; One Of Many Places To Hide; Such Events Have Led Us Here; Mt. Career; The Patron Saint Of The Hoax; The Place Next To Where I Was Born

Take a look at this charming, whimsical presentation Dixon did at an event in Vancouver called Pecha Kucha in which presenters are allowed to talk while 20 slides of their choosing are shown for 20 seconds each.

Check out his website and his shop where you can purchase music and prints!

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