Monday, April 1, 2013

Day of Silence 2013

I am not sure how many high school or middle school students stop by "Oh, By The Way," but if you are, consider joining the Day of Silence. And if you are an adult who knows a teen, especially a gay teen, who might benefit from this, please pass it along. The Day of Silence started seventeen years ago as a way to protest bullying and harassment in schools. In recent years, the destructive Radical Christian Agenda has attempted to thwart or stop this student outreach, effectively claiming that it is their religious right to harass and attack human beings for being gay. Because of this, it is even more important to counteract such hurtful, hateful, backward beliefs. A religious freedom is a personal choice, not a ticket to ostracize, punish, intimidate, shame, or attack (mentally, psychologically, socially, verbally, OR physically) another person.

I am posting this ahead of the date so there is time: to organize a Day of Silence in a school or to learn how to participate, please visit the GLSEN website linked below.

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