Saturday, December 15, 2012

David Lynch at Idem éditions

For the last several years, David Lynch (filmmaker, artist, composer, singer, photographer) has been making lithographs at the famed Item éditions lithography atelier in Paris, home to Solnhofen stone slabs (used in the printing process) and historical presses that have printed such artists as Picasso, Matisse, and Miró. Lynch works with wet drawings, where the black ink is dissolved right onto the limestone, producing an image with depth, akin to watercolor. Lynch says, “For me, at the present time, I’m feeling that color weakens the image. In lithography, it is not just black and white or the off-white of the paper. There can be a huge range of grey colors between the black and the white. For the time being, this is thrilling to me – just working with the black ink on the stone.”

The pieces are as dark, dense, and enigmatic as his films... and like his films, they feel like they spring from a pre-verbal place, a place of dreams, a place of the subconscious.

Top to bottom: This Is My Dream; Mister Jim Studies Abstraction; It was at Night when the Hands Reached Out and Gathered the Clouds from the Eyes and I Saw Myself; Murdered Woman In Burning Car; The Season Of The Witch

Art publishing group Hatje Cantz has published a collection of these lithographs:

And visit Lynch's own site to experience his other work:

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