Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BEAUTY: Art--John Ancheta

It's fascinating to see the relationship between the vision of an artist, both figuratively and literally, and how the artist represents that vision in his medium. And it is especially fascinating to see how that relationship can change depending upon inspiration, mood, time, place, the condition and behavior of the paint, and probably a host of other factors we--and the artist--can't begin to contemplate all at once.

Here, Canadian artist John Ancheta shows how he has returned to the same image of people wading through flood waters and has reinterpreted it, breaking it down into components of light, color, and shape, reducing it to something entirely new and unrelated to its source.

And it is even more interesting to see how enormously large these pieces really are. In the below installation view of Ancheta's work, the painting in question is second in from the right.

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