Thursday, December 6, 2012

BEAUTY: Interiors--Robert Stilin

Robert Stilin is an extraordinary interior designer. There is a lack of "decoration" in his meticulously rendered spaces which allows the objects that are present to become the focus. His work is highly sculptural, as if Constantin Brancusi became an interior designer. Every piece he chooses is utterly fascinating, and his eye for art is equally stunning, ranging from large-scale photography to button-pushing pieces by Damien Hirst and Richard Prince.

Oh, and he puts books everywhere. A man after my own heart...

Take a look at these dining rooms by Stilin and look how each room might follow a template of a traditional dining room (one needs a dining table and chairs since it is, after all, a dining room) but each space features a completely different and thrilling "chandelier." And each dining suite has a completely different presence and profile.

The following Stilin-designed living rooms are full of amazing furniture and art. Look at how each chair is a sculpture, a work of art in itself, unusual, unique, even strange in its shape and scale. These rooms are like scenes from a chair museum... and I mean that in a good way! And study the objets he has peppered around each space, and the textural and sculptural elements and how they are grouped, whether stone or wooden spheres, rusted chains, a Serra-esque coiled steel plate cocktail table, colored glass, ethnic and aboriginal crafted articles, or natural items like antlers, skulls, or branches. I previously posted about his tableaux skills here. Despite the fact that his rooms are full of curiosities and beauties, they feel minimal and uncluttered.

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