Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While we wait...

...and bite our nails, here is a bit of good news to keep us going until we get election results.

Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay Senator in the history of the United States, has WON!

The marvelous Elizabeth Warren has WON! HuffPo notes that "Warren was the intellectual godmother of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and was its first head. She was denied a permanent appointment due to objections from congressional
Republicans and from within the Treasury Department." Go get 'em Senator Warren!

Powerful truth-teller Alan Grayson has won back his seat in the House.
Welcome back, Rep. Grayson, we missed you!

And openly gay House member Jared Polis has won his third term.
Glad to have you stay with us, Rep. Polis!

Images via Joe Jervis' ever-informative and valuable site Joe.My.God.

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