Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Passenger

Coffee bar by day and rock n' roll bar at night, The Passenger, owned by young Spanish actors Rodrigo Taramona and Jimmy Castro along with entrepreneurs Miguel Peman and Carlos Carrillo, is Madrid's newest, hippest spot. I love the concept and execution of this project because it speaks to both of my careers (interior design and acting) since the interior design of the space is so much like a theatrical stage set, complete with a wonderful special effect to make it appear as if the "train" is in motion, speeding through the countryside...

This amazing space was designed by multi-talented designer Parolio. The concept and space is described on his company website:
"The new space occupies a long and narrow architectural structure which inspired Parolio to create the concept of “A train constantly on the move, right in the center of the city”.

The main area is designed to look and feel like a train cabin. To create the illusion of movement, three huge solid screens play the role of windows. They are constantly projected with synchronized and programmed videos that flow, from one screen to the next, just like in real life. The images have been recorded from train windows all over the world, presenting urban and nature landscapes that transport the clients into the fantastic experience of travel and leisure, pulling them away from the reality of the city around them.

The whole interior has been covered with great work on dark wood, brown leather with brass finishes. On the main hall photos of some of the greatest stars of classic rock, inside trains and train stations, welcome the clients.

The Bar cabin completes the space with an 8 meter bar that serves some of Madrid´s best coffee by day prepared exclusively by “Toma Café” and really delicious bite food. By night great cocktails, craft brewery beer, gin and whiskey fuel the train accompanied by a sound track of classic rock."

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