Thursday, November 1, 2012

BEAUTY: Art/ Sculpture--Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson does something sort of mind-boggling to 19th century encyclopedias and illustrated children's books...

His Artist Statement on his website:
"By using pre-existing media as a starting point, certain boundaries are set by the material, which I aim to transform through my process. Thus, an encyclopedia can become a window into an alternate world, much like lived reality becomes its alternate in remembered experience. These books, having been stripped of their utilitarian value by the passage of time, regain new purpose. They are no longer tools to learn about the world, but rather a means to gain insight about oneself.

I make book sculptures/cut books by working through a book, page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations while removing others. In this way, I build my composition using only the images found in the book."


These amazing pieces are for sale. Visit his website:

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