Thursday, September 13, 2012

BEAUTY: Photography--Tom Hunter

Revered contemporary British photographer Tom Hunter uses classical painting as a reference for his work. Below are some examples of his work immediately followed by the inspiration piece. Although these paintings may serve as a template, Hunter uses his own approximations to make political and social statements about poverty, inequity, crime, and violence (particularly violence directed toward women), specifically in reference to Hackney, and area of East London in which he grew up.

It should also be noted that Hunter is the first photographic artist to be granted a solo show at London’s National Gallery. No small feat.

Anchor and Hope

Christina's World by Wyeth

Murder: Two Men Wanted

A Satyr Mourning Over A Nymph by di Cosimo

Reservoir #1

Hylas and the Nymphs by Waterhouse

The Way Home

Ophelia by Millais

Woman Reading Possession Order

Girl Reading A Letter At An Open Window by Vermeer

Ye Olde Axe

The Rokeby Venus by Velazquez

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