Monday, September 24, 2012

BEAUTY: Installation--Ryoji Ikeda

Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda works primarily with light. Part of his Spectra series employs an array of extremely powerful Xenon searchlights aimed straight up into the sky. This installation has been adapted for many different cities around the globe...

The result is visually compelling, and evokes a beam going out into space, a beacon, a transmittal. Searchlights are traditionally used to draw attention to special events and these pieces evoke that as well. And of course, those of us living in the United States have seen the two searchlights aimed straight up where the World Trade Center buildings used to be, the light occupying the loss, serving as an ethereal memorial.

Above: Spectra (Nagoya)

Above: Spectra (Paris)

Above: Spectra (Buenos Aires)

Above: Spectra (Barcelona)

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