Friday, April 12, 2013

BEAUTY: Art--Nicolas Kuligowski

I have been struggling to summarize Nicolas Kuligowski's work. There is clearly an urban reference in his images (scaffolding, heaps of tires, a cellphone tower) as well as the addition of a classic urban art tool: spray paint. Yet his imagery also seems to include a sense of the suburbs and interior domesticity. Interesting juxtaposition. Whatever is going on his head, it is clear that he focuses on a single object whether a chair, a house, or an embracing couple. In this way, he is almost using a kind of semaphore language with each of these objects acting as a signifier. The feeling of encountering a language one cannot possibly understand (in this case a personal visual language) can sometimes be deliciously satisfying: one is forced to live with an enigma. And that is a nice reminder...

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