Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Merci, à France

My trip to France was lovely. I am back home now, conquering jet-lag, and trying to step back into my daily life, but it is hard with so many good memories. I feel like I am still there, and in fact, my brain is still translating my thoughts into French.

Thanks to the extraordinary Sherry Page for her knowledge, enthusiasm, and grace. Staying at the gorgeous mas was wonderful, thanks to the Wilsons. Thanks also to Pierre Bertou, our truffle hunter Joel Gravier and his dog Zouzou, Chef Jeremie at le Jardin du Quai, Chef Julien Charvet, Guy Bremond, Chef Benjamin Bruno, Serge Ghoukassian, Pierre Jouvaud, Master Fromager Affineur Claudine Vigier, Chef Stéphane Jego, and Chef Samuel Cavagnis. A special thanks to Carol and Nicolas, and everyone in France who welcomed us into their ateliers, restaurants, stores, homes, and hearts. If any of my readers are planning a trip to France, click on the links above and visit some of these marvelous people and places.

All photos by JEF

(Since the last one went over so well, here is another photo of me, in Provence. Photo by JDG)

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