Thursday, February 28, 2013

BEAUTY: Art--Gérard Stricher

Abstract art can be a difficult thing for people. I certainly have a hard time selling it to my interior design clients...people feel better with something they recognize. But I have noticed that the more one is literate in art, the more readily one appreciates abstraction. I myself have not always appreciated abstract art, but when I was much younger, the more I understood art, art history, and what the artists themselves were thinking or trying to convey, the more I understood abstract pieces. And the work of Gérard Stricher is quite pleasing to my eye. They are light and lively, yet substantial. He has a marvelous sense of composition and placement, and I really love his highly saturated color palette! I would love to show these to an interior design client...

Top to bottom: 100*F; Desert Rouge; In The Back Of My Mind; Jeux Interdits; La Maison de Rosalie; Patagonie Mon Amour; Paysage Guerrier; Time Machine; Take Me To The Beach

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